ClubCollect for Membership Organisations

ClubCollect simplifies and speeds up payment collection

Clubcollect is a comprehensive solution, covering all aspects of membership fee collection. We create your invoices, based on the data you upload. Payment requests can then be sent by e-mail, text, and/or by letter, all at the touch of a button.

If members forget to pay, ClubCollect sends reminders by email, text message or letter. Payment cancellations are also dealt with automatically. We also offer the option of advance payments and pre-financing, in order to guarantee good cash flow for your organisation. Should a member’s payment still be outstanding, we have additional options to support you.

1 – Upload your data from Excel or your (member administration) system

2 – Payment requests are sent at the touch of a button, by email, text message and/or letter

3 – Receive full payment, even if your members have opted to pay in installments

Full Control

Insight & control

Gain insight into your organisation’s finances by displaying information on payments received, outstanding invoices and cancelled direct debits. Manage the process easily, make adjustments to invoices if necessary.

Time saver

Automatic Messages

ClubCollect automatically sends payment requests and reminders via email, text message and/or letter.

Good cashflow

Answer questions

Easily communicate with members who have questions. Stuck? You can also direct questions to our support team.

Up-to-date member details

Friendly communication

All of our communication is friendly – we are a tool for your organisation to facilitate payments more efficiently, not a debt collection agency!

safe and secure

Late & cancelled payments

ClubCollect offers five possibilities to deal with outstanding payments.

Spread payments

Members can spread payments

Members can choose to spread their payments or pay in one go.

Notifications and reminders

Pre-financing options available

ClubCollect offers the option of pre-financing the entire membership fee, either at a small cost to you or to your members.

Notifications and reminders

Happy members


A fixed amount per member per season


Transparent Pricing

Transaction Fees

  • Direct debit
    £ 0,75*
  • Bank transfer
    £ 0,40*
  • VISA/Mastercard
    1.5% + £ 0,25*
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Letter + postage
    £ 1.00*
  • Direct Debit charge back
    (To be paid by member)
    £ 1,00
* Excluding VAT