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How ClubCollect works

1 – Upload your billing data from Excel or your membership record system

2 – We send payment requests via text, email and letter (you choose!)

3 – Receive full payments within 1 week and advance payment for installments

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The goal? Boost member engagement and improve cashflow

How clubs are efficiently collecting fees

Ewout Luykx
Treasurer SV Rap

"The professional collaboration with ClubCollect has gone well. The option to spread payments is working well and we are very pleased that we can offer this in a responsible manner to our members."

Pirmin Blaak, eigenaar

"By outsourcing our billing to ClubCollect we can concentrate on what we do best: provide weekly goalkeeper training to more than 500 hockey goalies. Thanks to ClubCollect our customers can spread payments into the future."

Martijn de Weerd
SVH Den Haag

"The ClubCollect system is appealing for clubs. We collected our membership fees with ClubCollect last year, which saved the club a lot of time. Members enjoy working with it too."

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About ClubCollect

ClubCollect is a secure cloud-based service used by membership organisations to collect all their membership fees and other payments. Money is stored in an escrow account and funds are released to your organisation’s bank account on a weekly basis.
ClubCollect was founded in 2013 and now operates internationally.

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