Club members

Take the pain out of paying

Empower your club members

Each of your members has a private payment page that they access via a simple secure link. Members can view and pay any invoice any way they choose.

If your members should have any questions about invoices they can ask a question that will appear on the treasurer's dashboard. If you’re unable to answer the question you can assign the question to ClubCollect for answering.

Members can choose to pay in full or by installments.

All questions answered

Thanks to our convenient ticket system club members can simply ask a question about any invoice.

Paying by installments

Club members can choose to optionally pay by installments when paying their invoice.

All in one place

All your membership fees due and paid are available on one simple, private page. Even family members can be combined.

Pay online quickly and easily

Conveniently pay your club membership in your favorite way online.

Safe and secure

Data provided to ClubCollect is only visible to the treasurer and club member. You can rest assured that all data is safely stored and never shared with third parties.

Pay by installment?

Clubs can offer members the option to pay in installments and still receive the full invoice amount as an advance payment from ClubCollect. Clubs can choose to pay the fixed processing costs of £1.50 per installment or ask members to pay it on their behalf as a win/win for member and club cash-flow.