ClubCollect for Members

Experience the ease of payment with ClubCollect

We think it’s important that members can arrange payment methods to suit them and eliminate financial worry. ClubCollect makes that possible.

Some members prefer to pay the entire membership fee in one go; others prefer to spread their payments. With ClubCollect, members can make the choice themselves.

When members opt for a one-off payment, they can pay securely via debit/credit card payment or direct debit. If they decide to spread payments, the installments are collected by direct debit; members can choose what date the payment is taken.

Volledige controle

One-off payments or installments

Members can choose how they want to pay



Payment is taken securely by debit/credit card or direct debit

Goede cashflow

Asking questions

Members can contact the treasurer through the system if they have questions about their invoices.

Up-to-date ledenbestand


All invoices can be viewed by members on their personal payment page.



In addition to facilitating ease of payment and security, we also treat the privacy of member data very seriously. Personal data is processed entirely in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

More information

Spread Payments

Gespreid betalen

ClubCollect allows organisations to offer their members the option to pay in installments. In addition, the organisation canchoose to pay the small administrative contribution per installment itself, or to pass it on to the members.

Safe and secure

Data provided to ClubCollect is only visible to the treasurer and club member. You can rest assured that all data is safely stored and never shared with third parties.

Pay by installment?

Clubs can offer members the option to pay in installments and still receive the full invoice amount as an advance payment from ClubCollect. Clubs can choose to pay the fixed processing costs of £1.50 per installment or ask members to pay it on their behalf as a win/win for member and club cash-flow.