Meet our partners is a service created by ClubCollect which handles SEPA Direct Debits, payments, charges and reconciliation for its customers. is a service created by ClubCollect aimed at processing and delivery of emails, SMS texts and postal letters.

Le Sportif Credit serves over 900 sports clubs and associations (in the Netherlands and Belgium), which are mostly run by volunteers. What ClubCollect does to help clubs with membership billing, payments and cash flow; Le Sportif does to help a club’s bar and canteen secretary.

Le Sportif point of sale (POS) system can be combined with functionality such as inventory management, product management, and invoice management, and can be connected to an ATM and club cards. The POS system provides comprehensive online reports, making it very easy to work with for treasurers. Customers report an an increase of canteen revenue between 5%  to 10% often obtained within the first year of use.

Online payments are handled by Adyen, a world leader in handling online payments for customers such as Facebook, Spotify and Vodafone.

DOCOMO Digital is part of NTT DOCOMO and NTT Group, a leading global technology innovator with 37 billion Euro in annual turnover in 2015. DOCOMO Digital provides Clubcollect with a digital factoring solution.

LISA is The Netherlands #1 club software used by Rugby and Tennis Clubs and is successfully expanding to include all sports. LISA integrates ClubCollect with its software to enable treasurers to maintain membership records and fully automatic collection of members dues. In addition, ClubCollect provides the possibility for members to spread payment in installments, while the club receives an advance of the entire subscription dues.
Our integration enables treasurers within LISA to see the live status of payments without any new software needed.