Discover the ClubCollect benefits


In the rare occasion a club member's direct debit cannot be charged we automatically handle sending a new payment request where members may choose an alternative method.

Creating invoices

No upload required, instead copy and paste your Excel data into the invoice creation screen. 

After importing your invoices, sending them is a matter of single click after you’ve reviewed them.


Read all questions asked by members in one convenient place using the built-in ticket system.

Forward any questions you’re unable to answer to the ClubCollect support team who will answer the question directly back to your club member.


Regularly check into the delivery overview screen which will show you who has received payment requests and reminders, and highlight those who are inaccessible. Here you may also update any missing contact information to keep your membership data up-to-date.

Receive 100% of your membership dues within 5 weeks

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