Discover how ClubCollect works


At a glance, discover how much has been invoiced, what has been paid and what is outstanding. Gain real-time insight into the status of payments for membership fees, match/tournament fees, event tickets and other membership charges.


All membership payments are immediate and visible in real time. The amount paid, corresponding invoice and type of payment (e.g. direct debit, credit card) is clear.


ClubCollect flags up all cancelled payments and immediately sends a new payment request. View all members and invoices with cancelled payments at the click of a button.


To ensure questions are answered as efficiently as possible, ClubCollect offers a ticket system specifically designed for members and organisations. Each question is linked to an invoice, so that when answering, all information is available. Questions can be forwarded to the ClubCollect support team if necessary.


This overview shows you how ClubCollect contacted your members. Members who are unreachable are also flagged up. Contact details can be added/edited by you or the member so that your member administration is up-to-date.


ClubCollect offers you the possibility to securely download all current data as an Excel file. Full contact details of members, transactions and payments status’ are available at any time.

Receive membership payments quickly and easily with the support of ClubCollect

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